How to find YouTube videos on your iPhone app, Google download app

YouTube app users can now find and download videos on their iPhones and Android devices.

AppleInsider first reported the news on Friday, but it has been available in the Apple app store since July 10.

The Google Play store also has the video search feature, though Google is not listed in the app store’s list of search providers.

The feature is accessible by entering a keyword or a URL in the search bar.

Once a video has been added to the search, it can be watched by tapping on the video title and selecting “view” in the video preview section.

You can also search by language, city, and date of recording.

Google says that if you’re looking for a YouTube video, “search is your friend.

You don’t have to be a genius to figure out what videos you might want to watch.”

You can search for videos by title, keywords, city and date.

There’s also a list of video types, including: news, sports, documentaries, and lifestyle.

There are also “movie-based” categories, including animated and music videos.

You also can search the video for the user’s location.

Google says that video search is your “friend,” too.