‘I’ve had enough’ on Facebook app, tweets Twitter CEO

The CEO of Twitter, Dick Costolo, is facing pressure to step down as the social media company struggles to regain its footing following the death of a top executive and a lawsuit filed by a former employee.

Mr Costolo has denied any involvement in the executive’s death and said he had no knowledge of any “malicious intent” in the case.

The New York Times reported that the woman who filed the lawsuit, Sarah Seifert, said she felt she was being “harassed” after Mr Costolo’s dismissal from Twitter in June last year.

Mr Seifart told the paper that Mr Costalo was fired on the basis of “inappropriate behaviour” and that he was never given a reason.

“I’ve just had enough of being told that I can’t do this, I’m too toxic,” she said.

“Twitter is a company that should be run by people who are passionate about what they do.

I don’t see how they can let someone like Dick Costalo walk away without the full support of the company and the CEO.”

Mr Costalo has been at the centre of an internal debate in the company as it attempts to return to profitability following its recent sale to US internet giant Facebook.

Mr Reitman, the Twitter board member, is expected to make his announcement at a press conference on Wednesday, which will include Mr Costello.

Twitter said it had already fired its chief operating officer, Mark J. Smith, as well as other top executives, but has been unable to convince Mr Costaro to step aside.

Mr Smith, who was not named in the lawsuit and has not been charged, is the former head of social media at Snapchat, the messaging app that became the subject of the lawsuit.

Mr J Smith was replaced by Mark Zuckerberg in February, and was appointed CEO by Mr Zuckerberg.

The lawsuit alleges Mr Costo was a senior manager at Twitter before he joined the company in 2014.

It accuses him of making comments on Twitter that “appeared to be disparaging” to former employees and of failing to act on his own and company recommendations to prevent any such comments from being made in the future.

“We are seeking redress for Dick Costello and his conduct,” the suit said.

Twitter’s board had earlier declined to comment on the matter.