How to get your iPad to launch Apple Watch apps on iOS 7

Apple is preparing to release iOS 7 for the iPad next month, AppleInsider has learned.

AppleInsiders will be on the show floor during a keynote event in Los Angeles on Thursday, but the event will also be streamed live from the Apple headquarters.

The new iOS 7 features features new icons for iPad, and is available for the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus and the Apple Watch.

It also features the same Siri voice commands as iOS 7.

This new iOS feature is available in the beta for the first time.

AppleInsiders is told that iOS 7 also includes Siri support, which means that apps can now respond to Siri commands like “Send a photo” or “Add a note to the calendar.”

AppleInsistsi also offers the ability to use Siri with other apps like Mail, Contacts, Mailbox, Photos, and Safari.

These features are not limited to the iPad.

Apple says Siri can also be used to access the iBooks Store and Apple Music, among other apps.

Apple’s new iOS 8.4 update is expected to arrive on the Apple TV in October, but it won’t be available on the iPad until later this year.

Apple is expected have its iPad operating system launch next month at WWDC.