When the sun goes down, seeaw class goes with it!

Posted January 01, 2020 04:37:08The sun has gone down, and a class of students are working on seeingaw class apps to help them with their tasks.

“I’m always interested in learning new things, and seeingaw is the perfect way to do that,” said one student who has been studying the class for the past two weeks.

The students in the class are working to learn how to read the night sky and how to spot objects like trees and buildings, and have even built a real-world sky.

One of the students, Alex, said seeingaw was the perfect class because of the nature of learning it.

“[Seeingaw class] is a very practical class, and the students are very focused on what they are learning,” he said.

For Alex, seeingaw helped him learn about how the night time sky is formed.

“I learned that when I watch a star, that star is formed by a big meteoroid coming from the sun,” he told ABC News.

Alex said seeingaws classes are not a new idea.

“There was a class in the 1980s that was taught in the same space that I am currently in,” he added.

And he’s glad seeingaw has become so popular.

“It’s very relaxing, and people are excited about seeingaw,” he explained.