What is Microsoft Authenticator and how can I get it?

Microsoft Authenticator is the company’s third most popular mobile app.

It is available in over 60 countries and was originally launched in 2012.

Microsoft Authentication is a secure mobile app that allows users to easily access and authenticate Microsoft’s digital identity and financial records.

Microsoft has been pushing the app to the masses for years and recently released a companion app for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Xbox One.

But as of today, Microsoft Authenticators app is only available for Windows 10.

The reason for this is because it will be the first app to integrate with Microsoft Authenticate for Windows and Windows Phone devices.

Microsoft’s app will be available to download from the Windows Store on November 14.

This is a significant milestone for Microsoft, as the app has been a massive hit for Windows.

However, this is not the end of the journey.

Microsoft is also making an effort to build a new Microsoft Authenticity app for Windows Phone and Xbox Live.

The new app is scheduled to release sometime in the next few months.

The Xbox app has already been on the Windows Phone store, but it is still not available for download.

Microsoft hopes that by creating a new app that is more accessible for people on Windows 10, they can get more people to try Microsoft Authentics.

Microsoft said the app will also offer additional features such as email and chat, so it’s clear that the company has invested a lot in getting the app on the platform.

Microsoft added that this new app will not replace the Xbox Authenticator app, but will allow people to access the new app and use their existing Microsoft Authentications credentials.

Microsoft plans to offer a Windows 10 version of the new Microsoft authenticator for Windows devices by early next year.

Microsoft also announced a new Windows 10 beta version for Xbox that will be released later this year.

This new Windows app will support Windows 10 devices with an Xbox One controller, and will include support for Xbox Live Gold, the digital currency of Xbox Live and a new Xbox Music app.

Microsoft released the beta version of its Xbox Authenticators Windows 10 app on July 31.

The app is available for free to everyone and can be installed on any Windows 10 device.

Microsoft will also soon offer the beta for $10 per month.

Microsoft told VentureBeat that it is working on bringing Xbox to Windows 10 PCs, and Windows 10 tablets as well.

Windows 10 will be launched later this fall.