When the NFL shuts down its Twitter app for good, you’ll be able to tweet your thoughts in real time

Twitter is reportedly planning to shut down its online platform for the 2017 season, according to multiple reports.

The Wall Street Journal says Twitter will stop accepting payments for the app after the 2019 season, which means users will no longer be able buy or sell Twitter points.

The app has been an integral part of Twitter’s success since it launched in 2009, and users have contributed more than $3 billion to the social network’s coffers.

The app is used by hundreds of millions of people on a daily basis and is the default for millions of users worldwide.

The company announced the plan to shut the app down in March, and said the decision would be made within the next month.

The news comes a few weeks after Twitter revealed it will be shutting down its app for the season, with its official Twitter account stating: “We want to thank you for supporting us and the NFL in 2017.”

Twitter previously announced plans to close the app in 2020, but it is not clear if that is still the plan.

Last month, Twitter announced that the company was looking into closing the app permanently after 2026.

The company has not yet specified when the app will be closed or what will happen to its users.

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