When you have a new iPhone, you can watch a lot of anime in the dark

It’s not as simple as turning on your iPhone’s flashlight or using the handy app you can find on your home screen.

In the case of an iOS 9 device, you won’t be able to see anything you want.

Instead, you’ll need to use an app called the “Dark app”.

While this isn’t exactly a feature, it allows users to control their dark mode on their iPhone.

It’s a handy feature that can be found on the dark app page for your device.

When you have an iPhone with a dark mode turned on, you are able to turn off the flashlight.

You can also turn off Bluetooth and the microphone, if you want to avoid being detected by your iPhone.

But if you turn on the Dark app, your iPhone will turn on its own light source and it will use that for its own dark mode.

This means you won�t be able see anything, such as the night sky or the stars, when you turn your iPhone on its dark mode and you can’t see any other apps in the background.

Even if you have the app installed on your device, it won�d still use the same dark mode, but it won’t do any of the things it does for normal mode.

If you use the Dark mode, you will be able tap on the “Night” or “Day” icon in the top left of the app and then turn on it.

This will take you to the app you selected.

Once you have turned on the app, you must then turn it off by tapping the “off” icon on the top right of the Dark App screen.

If your iPhone is iOS 9.3 or higher, it will turn off its own lights.

If it is iOS 8 or below, you cannot turn on an app.

If you are a newer iPhone, it may be possible to turn on certain apps through the Settings app.

If an app can’t be turned on through the app settings, then you will need to turn it on by tapping on the small red light in the lower left of your screen.

If the app can be turned off, then it will either have to be uninstalled or the iPhone will stop working.

This will probably mean your iPhone has an issue or is not running properly, so if you don’t know how to turn the app on, check the app out on your iOS device and check for any problems.