Microsoft Authenticator app library is worth $2 billion in sales

Microsoft has been making big bucks selling its Authenticator mobile app.

The company announced Tuesday that its app library, which includes more than 1 million apps, had reached $2.8 billion in annual revenue in the past three years.

Microsoft’s Authenticator is the third-most popular mobile app in the U.S. and the first-ever mobile app to earn the title of “App of the Year” in the App Store, according to App Annie.

The number of downloads of Microsoft Authenticators has been on the rise, with a peak of about 30 million downloads in April of this year, according the company.

The company has been a major player in the mobile game and social game marketplaces with the Authenticator and other app stores.

Its mobile apps are used in more than 200 million locations worldwide.

Apple announced its own Authenticator-based app store in 2016 and recently announced that it had added more than 150,000 apps.

Google launched a similar Authenticator for Android in 2016.