What the best budget app has to offer to you?

A new study has found that the best apps for the average person have similar prices to each other.

The study, which analyzed more than 100 apps, found that most of them have a similar price structure and features, and are all available to the same app store.

But the best app in terms of price is actually the one that is most affordable, according to the study.

The research team used data from app store sales data, app ratings, app reviews and reviews from other app users to determine the best and cheapest apps.

The results of the study were released Tuesday.

They showed that the most affordable apps for a family of four cost between $2.00 and $4.00.

The cheapest apps for three people cost between a quarter and a half of that.

The best apps also have similar features and price.

The average price of the cheapest app is $0.99, and the most expensive is $1.99.

The best apps have “better app experiences, lower cost, more features, more variety, and better customer support,” the study said.

The average cost of the apps in this survey is $6.75 per month.