The latest news on the Disney Plus app free for Apple devices

Free to download and play on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple TV, the DisneyPlus app for Apple Watch and Apple TV remote control provides access to the entire Disney catalog including over 50,000 Disney movies and TV shows, plus a wide range of Disney-themed apps and movies.

It’s also a fantastic way to check out movies from the big five Disney movie studios, as well as select Disney movies from Walt Disney World and the Epcot Resort and theme parks.

With the app, you can stream the latest Disney movies, including new releases, as they’re released on Disney+ to Apple devices and through Apple TV.

The app also includes the following new features:● Disney Plus subscription plans.

As a Disney Plus subscriber, you’ll receive a monthly Disney Plus membership card, which you can use to access Disney+ content and purchases through your Apple device or Apple Watch.

Once a month, you receive your Disney Plus card to use in-app payments and for purchases.

Disney+ movies.

To check out all of the latest movies on your device, you get access to a curated collection of Disney movies that include new releases.

New in the Disney+ app are the ability to download, stream, and watch the latest in-demand Disney movies on iOS, and the ability for you to subscribe to Disney Plus for $5 per month.

A Disney Plus account is required for access to certain apps, such as the Disney-branded App Store and App Store app.

For more details, visit the Disney website.