How to use your Apple App Store links to download apps from Google Play

Apple has been hit with an unprecedented number of legal claims in the latest round of the App Store’s copyright row.

Apple has been accused of stealing the copyright of some apps from developers who created them without permission.

The claims relate to apps from third-party developers, who are now facing legal action from Apple over a variety of copyright issues.

The latest case, involving an app from an Israeli developer called AdaTunes, is about copyright infringement.

In the latest lawsuit, Apple’s lawyers say AdaTuunes app infringes on the copyright to the tune of $300,000, which they claim was taken from the developer in 2011.

It’s the latest in a string of lawsuits the company is facing in recent years.

In September 2016, Apple lost a lawsuit over apps that were created without permission, but it has since regained the rights to some of the same apps.

Last year, Apple was also sued by Google for copyright infringement over an app that used the iPhone’s microphone to call out users in real-time, though the company eventually won that case.

Apple’s App Store has been under fire recently for the use of affiliate links, which allow developers to get a cut of sales from users downloading their apps.

This has been the source of much of the Apple’s recent legal troubles, as developers are forced to pay Apple to access their apps for free.