Pornhub’s Blue Jeans app is getting new features, but it’s still a big bore

Posted October 09, 2018 06:23:30Blue Jeans is a photo app that lets users upload their photos to their friends.

Now the app is expanding into a porn hub.

A new feature that allows users to upload their own content to the app has been announced.

The app will let users upload videos, thumbnails, and other images from their smartphones to the site.

The new features will allow users to share their favorite clips and videos, and they’ll be added to a dedicated section in the app.

Users can also browse through the new page with a thumbs up and down button.

Blue Jean’s new feature will also let users search for photos that they want to share on social media, the company said.

Users will be able to search for the content on Pornhub, and users will be invited to tag photos, videos, or any other images they want.

BlueJeans users will also be able share their own photos with other users, the app said.

The new feature, dubbed “Blue Jeaning,” is not the only one Blue Jean is making.

The app is also adding a “Blue” section in its “Gallery” section.

The gallery section lets users tag and post photos, and the app will also add a “Pin” section that lets a user share a picture with other Blue Jeaning users.

The company also is adding a new feature to the “Sex” section, and it will let members of the “Friends” section share and view photos, thumbs up and downs, and tags of other members.

Users are also able to “Add to My Photo Album” to add photos and thumbnails to a new album, and Blue Jeanes is adding the ability to “Pin to Pinterest” to share a photo on Pinterest.