Watch your friend’s webcam, too, says Skype app

An Australian app which allows users to watch other people’s webcam and chat on Skype is gaining traction in the United States.

Skype has long been used in the West as a messaging app, but in recent years it has grown in popularity among the tech-savvy.

Now, the company has made a move into the West with the launch of a video chat app called Watch Your Friends Cams, which lets users watch and chat with other users.

Users can then see the other users webcam or Skype’s webcam.

Watch Your Friends Cameras features video chats from your friends on the internet, and it allows users who have been on the app for a few days to share a webcam picture or voice message with other members of the same chat room.

For the time being, the app only allows the same people to see each other’s webcam pictures and videos.

The app has been in the beta program for two weeks, and the developers have been busy building it up.

According to the Watch Your, Your Friends, &c app description, users can join chat rooms and chat directly with each other, or have the app show their own webcam.

There are also chat filters that users can use to hide certain pictures or videos from view.

Users can also make their own camera, like they can with the Skype app.

But the Watch My, Yours Cams app has a few more tricks up its sleeve, too.

You can use the app to ask friends for pictures and video messages.

The app has an app settings screen to configure how it displays the pictures and messages, as well as whether to show them to others.

You can also turn the app off completely if you do not want to see it at all.

If you are a regular user of Skype, you will see a button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen that reads: “Ask Friends for Pictures and Videos”.

You will then have to click on the button and enter the name of the friend you want to send the picture or video to, and if the request is approved, the camera will be shown.

If you are using the Skype application, the feature is only available in the U.S. at the moment, though you can access the feature in the European version of the app.