How to Make Your Google Drive Apps Look Awesome!

Google Drive has a few tricks up its sleeve, but the app is far from perfect.

As we’ve already mentioned, the app doesn’t support native touch gestures like Apple’s iWork, which can be a bit of a bummer if you’re a keyboard or mouse user.

But there are also some neat apps that are a little more convenient and customizable.

Here are some of our favorites.


My Own Private Photos With My Private Photos app you can save and organize photos you take on your phone.

You can then use these photos in a variety of ways, including using them in your own personal cloud for private photo storage.

You’ll find My Private Pictures at the top of the Google Drive app.


Your Own Private Messages With Your Private Messages app you’ll be able to send and receive private messages to your friends and family on your Google Drive account.

These messages are encrypted so you can’t read them or see who sent them.


Google Docs With Google Doc apps, you can open Google Doc files and edit them using standard Office-style editing tools like Markdown and HTML.

You get access to these files in the cloud, too, so you don’t have to worry about uploading them to Google Drive to edit.


Gmail With Gmail apps you can also send and reply to email messages sent to Google Doc accounts.

Gmail is a powerful tool for your email inbox, so if you’ve ever tried sending or receiving an email on your computer it’s easy to see why Google makes it so powerful.


YouTubers YouTuber apps like Vimeo, YouTube, and YouTube Red make it easy to create videos for Google Drive.

These videos can be shared on YouTube, Google+, and the other popular video sharing platforms, like Facebook and Twitter.


Google Maps With Google Maps apps you’ll get to use Google Maps as your primary way to navigate your GoogleDrive account.

Google also makes it easier to share your Google Maps location data and get directions for specific streets, parks, and other locations.


Google Reader With Google Reader you can access Google Reader as your standard text reader.

You may be thinking, “That’s all great, but how does it work?”

The app uses Google’s Reader platform for reading PDFs, HTML documents, and even images on your device.


Google Drive Photos With Google Drive photos, you’ll have access to your Google Photos photos on Google Drive, but you’ll also be able share your photos with other users of Google Drive for offline viewing and sharing.


Google Calendar With Google Calendar you can set up a daily or weekly reminder for the most recent date and time of your Google Calendar appointments, so it’s always in sync with your calendar.


Gmail and Google Drive Accounts You can access Gmail and all your Google accounts, including Gmail, Drive, and Google Doc, from your Google drive.

If you’ve used the app on other devices, you may have noticed that the Google apps are all located in your Google account.

This isn’t a problem if you use Google Drive on a tablet, but if you have multiple devices you’ll need to share a unique Google Drive password.

1/9/18 Google Drive apps with the latest update are no longer required for accessing the Google drive app on older Android phones and tablets.

If the update is available at the time of this writing, you should download it.

If it isn’t available, Google has offered a free update to users who purchased the Google app on a new device.

If that update doesn’t work, you will have to wait until next week for the new Google drive apps to arrive.

1 / 9/18 Google Drive: the Google docs app for Android Now that the latest version of Google Doc is available, you now have the option to use your Google docs for offline reading and viewing.

In addition, you also get access all your data on Google docs, including your photos, video, documents, notes, and more.

Read more about Google Drive and the latest Doc update at the Google Help site.

1 1.4.4 Google Drive’s File Manager Now that Google Drive is a Google app, you have the ability to easily view and edit files on your mobile device.

Just tap on a file in your browser and it opens in the Google Doc app on your Android device.

This includes files you upload to Google, so they’re accessible everywhere.

You also have access over the web to view and modify files on other apps, including Dropbox, iBooks, and others.

1 0.3.2 The app can now sync across multiple devices, so your Dropbox folder will sync across all your devices.

If an app or service on your PC crashes or you need to restore it, you need only open Google Drive again on your desktop or laptop.

1:9.3: Google Drive Now that you have access with the app, Google Drive now offers a