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Free TV apps are coming to the Android market.

According to Android Police, there are now 4 different apps that let you watch free TV shows and movies on your Android phone.

The apps are available on Play Store and Google Play Store, which are both free, but they do require you to sign in to the Google Play store.

For Android users, the only way to install them is to use a paid subscription.

There are currently 5 of the apps, but the list of available apps is growing.

The apps are: Adventures TV: Free to watch on Android TV app with free streaming video and TV shows.

Bubble TV: A paid subscription-based app with limited content.

Channel Master: Free and paid options.

Escape from Atlantis: Free with ads.

Mighty Go!: Free with advertisements.

TBS TV: Free to watch with ad-free TV shows, movies and music.

VH1 TV: Paid option with limited streaming video.

Free-to-watch TV shows include: ABC, CNN, USA, Discovery, Discovery News, HGTV, Fox, HGST, MTV, NBC, PBS, TNT, USA Network, Food Network, and Disney Channel.

ABC’s Modern Family and Modern Family: Free.

The Big Bang Theory: Free, with ads available.

Modern Family and the Real World: Free; also, pay $4.99 per month to watch the show, including ads.

The ABC family of shows is popular among older viewers.

CBS: Free.

This premium cable network includes many popular shows including: The Amazing Race, Hawaii Five-O, The Good Place, and The Big Bang.

Amazon Prime Video: Paid option.

Netflix: Paid option. 

Sky: A paid subscription option available with ad free shows.