How much does your Disney Disney Music Pass subscription cost?

Apple is rolling out its $49-a-year Disney Music subscription service to a handful of major U.S. cities on Friday, with some cities offering a $29 annual subscription.

Disney Music, which includes the Apple Music service and its own streaming service, has been available in major U, M, and F markets since late 2016.

The subscription is available for $49.99 a year, which Disney is pricing at $0.99 per month for unlimited use, as well as a $9.99 monthly fee for a total of $29.99 for a single-day subscription.

It includes access to the Apple music service, as opposed to its own mobile apps.

Disney is also offering a standalone $29-a, per-month service called Disney Plus, which offers an unlimited amount of music and videos, as long as the service isn’t used on a personal computer or mobile device.

Disney Plus is available to users who already have a Disney Music account.