The next big thing in VR, Augmented Reality app that lets you play games in virtual reality

Developers and players alike have been looking for a way to experience virtual reality in a new way, but none of those options has quite worked out yet.

But that’s about to change, thanks to a new AR app from the developers behind Augmented reality app The Next World, which lets you control your VR game with a controller.

The app lets you move around a virtual world while watching videos or playing video games in VR.

The Next VR app is the latest effort to bring AR to the gaming world, and is one of a handful of AR-focused VR apps that have launched over the past few months.

AR games have been gaining popularity since the first wave of AR headsets hit stores in 2014.

While most of those headsets can display the full game’s 3D visuals and depth of field, some developers have opted to offer AR elements, like text bubbles, on the back of their headsets to enhance the experience.

With The Next, developer Alex Krizsensky and his team wanted to combine both these approaches and create an AR app that could be used with a traditional gamepad.

The gamepad interface lets you manipulate virtual objects like walls and ceilings, and also provides an interface for players to see the contents of your virtual world.

Players will be able to move objects around in the virtual world by holding down a trigger button on the gamepad, which will turn the object in question into a floating point array of pixels.

This is all done through the Oculus Rift DK2, a VR headset that allows the developers to render 3D images of objects that are projected onto the headset’s display.

With the Oculus DK2 headset, developers can render 3-D images at higher resolution than standard displays, but the new The Next app will still use the DK2 for rendering, instead of an Oculus headset.

In other words, you’ll still have to make sure that your DK2 is connected to your VR headset to use this app.

It’s also worth noting that The Next is a relatively low-end VR app, as the developers are focusing their effort on making it a VR game, rather than an AR game.

The developers have even released a free beta for users to try out, so you should be able do that for free if you want to try it out for yourself.

The Oculus Rift, however, is the only VR headset currently available that supports AR gaming.

The next wave of VR headsets is also expected to include more than just the Rift, which is set to arrive sometime this year, and this new AR-based game will be one of the first games that will offer this technology.