The 10 Best App Stores of All Time: The App Store 2017

The app store landscape is about to change.

The industry’s biggest app stores, like the App Store and the Google Play Store, will be transformed into one of many verticals.

The big change, which will impact every industry, is the rise of curated playlists and curated categories.

These categories will offer more choices than ever before, including new and popular apps that will help users discover new content, but also offer new and curated playbooks for apps that don’t have much in common.

“We’re not going to have to spend time and energy and resources looking at what we do well,” says Ericsson’s Gartner analyst Paul Marzilli.

“Instead, we’ll be able to focus on what’s interesting and what we can learn from what others do well.”

The first wave of these new verticals will launch in the coming months.

Google and Apple are both working on this wave of curated apps, but Microsoft is also experimenting with its own curated play library.

In the coming weeks, developers will have to start testing their curated play libraries and finding ways to bring new experiences to existing apps.

Developers will have the option of creating curated play experiences in their own native apps, such as apps in the Windows Store or in the Microsoft Surface app store.

Developers can also create a curated play for a non-Microsoft app, such a Google Play or Microsoft Store app.

Microsoft will continue to support the Windows and Windows Phone apps.

Microsoft’s app platform will be open for the new vertical playlists, too, though developers will still have to create a native app to make a curated app.

The curated play category will be available for free on Microsoft’s Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Surface.

The Google Play store will offer curated play through the Play app, and developers will be able create a dedicated curated play app for the Google Store, too.

The Microsoft Surface store will have curated play and will also have curated app support.

The app ecosystem will continue in its current state for the foreseeable future.

Microsoft says it will continue its “recommended curated play” program.

Microsoft and Apple’s curated play platforms will continue as a result of their continued partnership, and Microsoft is working on new curated play categories for the Surface.

Microsoft said the curated play platform will have five categories.

It’s not clear how these categories will be integrated into the existing curated play service.

The redesigned Play store is designed to be the new hub for curated play, but it is a new service and will continue with the curated Play app.

Apps will continue running on the new app store with an overall user experience that will match the Google and Microsoft play platforms.

Microsoft is not calling the redesigned app store “Microsoft” or “Microsoft Play,” but it will retain its curated play services.

Microsoft also is launching a new curated app marketplace, but is not going into details about it.

The new marketplace will include a curated content platform and will be designed to offer curated content, curated play features, and curated app functionality.

Microsoft expects to make the curated app store available to developers on July 23.

The apps that are going to be available in the new marketplace include: apps from Microsoft, Microsoft, and the Microsoft HoloLens, Microsoft Holo, and HoloLens devices.

Developers are expected to start making the apps available in July, but the app store will be updated to allow for the curated content and app features that are already available in other curated play ecosystems.

Developers have already begun working on these curated apps.

The next wave of the curated apps is set to launch in late 2019.