Why Apple won’t sell its own Chromecast app

Apple is not selling its own app for its smart home hub, but it’s taking the Google Chromecast-powered device a step further.

Apple is rolling out a new app on its own iOS and OS X operating systems for the Chromecast that lets users access the same set of apps as Google Play and the Apple Music app.

“With Apple’s new Chromecast, you can now stream your favorite movies and TV shows from your iOS and Mac apps to the new Chromecasts Chromecast,” the app explains.

“Streaming movies and television shows to your iOS or Mac is just one of many new features.”

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The Chromecast is compatible with Google’s Chromecast Pro, Chromecast Ultra, Chromecast 2, Chromebox and Chromecast Lite.

It’s not available in all markets yet.