Citibank’s app icons are a mess, but its mobile apps still look good

Posted November 13, 2019 12:31:28It’s been a busy few weeks for Citibanks mobile app icons.

Last month, the bank announced a slew of changes aimed at making its apps more user-friendly and user-focused.

The changes are still in their early stages, but the bank is already seeing the positive effects.

“We’ve seen a significant shift in user behavior, so it’s nice to see,” Citibans chief marketing officer Alex Lefkowitz told me.

“The changes have been very positive, which is a testament to the team that has been working on it.”

Today, Citiballs mobile app icon set is being overhauled, and it’s going to include new icons for everything from the mobile app to the wallet.

Lefkowski said that the goal was to create a clean, attractive icon set for Citinbank, one that would appeal to both new users and those who have already used the bank’s mobile apps.

The bank has also made some changes to its web-based mobile app in an attempt to make the experience better for people using smartphones.

The redesign, which was unveiled today, is currently available for iOS and Android users.

Leshur Rashid, the head of brand design at Citibanking, said that these changes were a way to show users how their bank’s apps can be improved.

“The icon set was a bit of a mess,” he told me over the phone.

“It was too large and not very user-responsive.”

Rashid said that while there are still a few things that need to be fixed, the overall look of the CitibANK mobile app has changed.

“We wanted to create this clean and easy-to-read icon set that users can use and they can be confident that it’s clean and clean,” he said.

“That’s the main goal.”

I’ve already used Citib, and I like it, but I also want it to be more user friendly, so I’m trying to make it better and more user focused.

Rashid told me that the icons are being reworked to better reflect Citibanked’s mission and vision.

Lebensfeldt said that he was excited about the redesign and that the redesign was an important step towards making Citib a better, more user experience.

“This is a great step for Citigroup,” he added.

“This is the beginning of making Citinibank better.

That’s why we have to do this work.

We’re working on a lot of things.

It’s going very well.”

Citi has had a few rough patches in the past few years, but Lefkarowitz said that they weren’t insurmountable.

“Citi’s been on a very smooth journey,” he explained.

“People like us are just making the right decisions and taking the right steps.

We need to do a lot more.”

This article was originally published on November 12, 2019 at 12:30:22.