Facebook app to launch for Roku and other devices with Android apps

Facebook has announced a partnership with Roku to make its app for Android compatible with its popular streaming service.

Roku will soon be launching the Roku TV app on its web and mobile platforms, and it will be able to be used on any Android device that supports Android 4.2 or later.

The partnership is expected to roll out in a few weeks.

Facebook is also planning to rollout the Roku app on the Facebook TV platform later this year, and a version for iOS is also planned.

Facebook is working with Roku on a variety of platforms, including desktop, TV, and mobile.

Roku has a wide range of Android apps available for users to install, but Facebook has made the Android app the default for many of its mobile apps.

The Facebook app will also be the default on Facebook’s mobile apps for the foreseeable future.

Rocco Martinelli, head of product marketing at Facebook, said in a blog post that the partnership with Facebook is part of the company’s effort to “provide an intuitive experience to users who are looking to stream their favorite shows, movies and music.”

The partnership comes at a time when many companies are trying to compete with the big-screen TV.

Facebook, which has an estimated 30 billion monthly active users, is also trying to attract more of its users to the streaming service, which is available in more than 300 countries.

Facebook said that Facebook TV will provide “a compelling experience for all users” who want to watch live TV, including those who have limited access to their home theater system.

“As a content provider, Facebook is committed to providing the best possible experience for our users,” Martinelli said in the blog post.

“Roku TV will allow users to stream live TV from their Facebook TV devices to a large number of connected TVs.

Users will have access to Facebook TV’s streaming library, as well as the ability to search for TV shows and movies, and to access and browse their favorite Facebook TV content.”

Facebook is also working on a new Android app called “Roku Instant,” which will allow its users the ability for them to stream video and audio directly from their mobile devices to their TV screens, rather than needing to use an external player.

The app will debut later this month.

Rio has had a tough year with its subscription television service, with the number of Roku TVs dropping from 20 million in December to fewer than 10 million in May.

Rovers CEO Steve Haines said in an interview that he expects Roku to see an increase in its sales in 2018 as the company tries to turn around its struggling streaming service after a poor 2016.

He noted that the Roku streaming service is growing rapidly and that Roku TV is the top app in Roku’s catalog.

Haines predicted that Roku will see an additional 20 million users in the coming years.