The Sport bible: Fitbit app on the App Store

Fitbit has launched its app store connect feature for its fitness tracking device, the Fitbit Flex, and the app will connect to the Connect app.

Fitbit announced this on Tuesday, and as of now it has only 100 apps that support the Connect service.

Fitbits new app stores feature will let users connect to Connect apps and apps that are connected to the fitness tracker through the Fitbits app, which will be available through Apple’s App Store.

It will be interesting to see how Fitbit will continue to push the FitBit Flex and the Connect fitness tracking app to new app platforms, as it is also the case with the Apple Watch and Apple TV.

It’s unclear at this time what Apple will do with the app stores, though it could be interesting for Fitbit to offer a number of app partners in addition to Fitbit.