Apple, Google to launch Chrome-powered apps in 2017

Apple, which has already been pushing the iPhone X and iPhone X Plus to new generations of iPhone users, is expected to bring Chrome-based apps to its new products, including the iPhone 8 and the new iPhone X, a source familiar with the matter told CNN.

According to the source, the company is in talks with Google to bring the new products to market in 2017.

Chrome will be built on Apple’s own mobile operating system and will be available on the iPhone, iPad and Mac, the source said.

Chrome for the iPhone will be used for apps and web-based navigation, while the new versions of the iPhone and iPad will run the new operating system.

Google is the second major tech company to bring its own mobile OS to the iPhone platform.

Google launched Chrome OS last year on Android devices.

Google’s Chrome OS is built on Android and comes with a host of applications, such as Google Chrome, Google Maps, YouTube and Google Search.

Google will continue to provide its own apps for the new devices.

In addition to Chrome OS, Google will launch the Google Home device, which is expected in late 2017, according to the information.

The device will offer voice control and a large screen.

Google Home will be compatible with all Android devices, including those running the new iPhones, and the device will be able to stream media to Chromecast and other devices via the new Google Home speaker.