Why is my Verizon app still on the iPhone?

It’s a new story for me, but the app is still there, and the only thing that’s changed is that my phone is the iPhone.

As for what it’s like to use it, well, for the most part it’s pretty easy.

You get a notification when you open an app, a pop-up menu at the bottom of your screen and you can set it up to let you know when it’s going to show up on your phone.

Then there’s the simple fact that the app itself is pretty small and that you don’t have to swipe or tap to interact with it.

I’ll be honest, the notification that came up when I opened the app in my new phone wasn’t very pleasant.

But that’s how the world is now.

It’s all about the tiny little details.

There are a few more tweaks to the app, too.

When you swipe through the notifications, you can now set a custom theme and you get a quick access to your notifications and contacts.

And finally, if you have a lot of apps in the app and want to see them all at once, you’ve got the option to view them in reverse chronological order.

It just means that the apps that you’ve opened in the past will be shown first, while the ones you’ve open in the future will be at the top of the list.

The notification center is now the new notification drawer, where you can swipe to access the notification center without scrolling down to the bottom.

It feels more like a tab bar than a notification drawer.

It makes sense to me.

In fact, I’m not sure that I’m ever going to use a phone that’s smaller than the iPhone 6 Plus.

It really feels like a phone, and it feels just right.

But this is not the first time that we’ve seen a smaller phone with an app drawer, and this one is no exception.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge that has an app menu that is just a little smaller than my phone.

I’ve also had a Galaxy Note 6, which is a larger phone with a slightly bigger app drawer.

I know that this is a phone.

And while I don’t mind that I get to see the apps on a smaller device, it still makes me feel like a tiny version of myself on a bigger phone.

But then again, I know this isn’t about the size.

It is about the fact that a smaller, more elegant phone is exactly what I want.